Terra EpistemeAn International Journal of Integral Knowledge in Humanities

Terra Episteme An International Journal of Integral Knowledge in Humanities

Research, reading and reflection successively add to creative criticism which is a call made by thehigher studies in the present time. It is with this zest our academic endeavorTerra Episteme sets out to establish the age-old confluence of research and higher studies for all the stakeholders of the present academia. In its fold this peer-reviewed biannual e-journal of integrated knowledge Terra Epistemeambitiously seeks to embrace the vast field of humanities, particularly literary, criticaland language studies in English, Gujarati and Hindi in India and beyond. Along with many an instance of e-journals today, we commit our critical enterprise to establishing a benchmark of its kind with pertinent contributions from across the globe. In the obtaining economic culture of modern and postmodern world when knowledge fields are transvalued for their use-value leading to bracketing and isolating various sections of knowledge, this e-journal aspires to reach towards ‘inter-study’ that sees all knowledge fields in unison; where domains of knowledge naturally interconnectand co-opt others’ investigative modalities. The concept of inter-study comes to us, unlike interdisciplinary that has at best remained a residual post-modern/capitalist strategy amidst thriving specialized discourses, as a quantum leap with an ideal of integral knowledge. Given the immense scope of integrated knowledge as it so exists, this e-journal encompasses in its purview the concerns viz. creative literary writings, translation, fine arts, language, literary and critical theories. Humanities for its immense plurality of subjects and interrelations with other disciplines, theories and isms become a genial sight for such practices. We hope, with best of our expectations reserved, that this e-journal would meaningfully intervene in the course and bring about a perspectival shift in time ahead.

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Editorial Boards:

Dr. Paresh Joshi
Chief Editor
Dr. Maulik Vyas
Mr. Viral Shukla
Mr. Hardik Udeshi
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